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Empire Comics is our new publishing label for comics and comic related material. Last year we crowd-funded our fist comic project, the wildly successful Wraith of God graphic novel, that turned out to be one of the best reviewed comics of the year and quickly sold out. We followed that with the just released Wraith of God:Blood Hunters, the second in an ongoing series of Wraith of God titles.  Reviews are rolling in, and once again they are overwhelmingly positive. Our next Empire Comics project is the currently active graphic novel, Kit Carter: Planet Doom.  Follow the link below to see the campaign!

All of the information about current and upcoming comic book projects and campaigns will be detailed on this page. The Lopresti-verse is rapidly growing with new characters, stories and products and you won’t want to miss out on any of the excitement.

Kit Carter Galactic Ranger Cover

Kit Carter is an elite ranger in the Galactic Alliance Freedom Force (GAFF) and along with her partner, Merv the Astro Chimp, she polices the galaxy bringing the most dangerous villains and tyrants to justice.   Lord Menace is the Tyrant King of a dying, monster infested planet, code named Planet Doom.  In a dangerous and desperate move, he acquires the Eye of Ominon and employs its unmatched power to rejuvenate his planet and create forces to conquer the galaxy.  Kit and Merv are dispatched to stop him, but is this the one adversary that even they can’t handle?  Find out in this irreverent, space adventure inspired by 1950’s comics and sci-fi B movies!


The Wraith and Esther return to battle Count Korvac, a transplanted European vampire attempting to take over a growing but faithless Tennessee town. With the help of his blood-sucking brides, Korvac wants to establish an empire in the new world one bite at a time. As our two heroes continue to define their tumultuous relationship, they must come together to defeat their deadliest foe yet. 100 pages, full color, 4 cover options with 3 back-up stories featuring Garbage Man, The Night Club and Kit Carter. This book is not to be missed!

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In the American west of 1883, the WRAITH is a mysterious hero with a dark past who is relentlessly driven to administer the wrath of God on the evil supernatural forces that contaminate the land.

A master of illusion and disguise, the Wraith is aided by a former Salvation Army worker named Esther who frequently finds herself at odds with her mentor .  It’s a race against time and death as together they try to stop a pack of werewolves from obtaining a mystical amulet that will make them invincible.

This 84-page full color graphic novel reprints Wraith of God #1 with an all new cover. If you missed out on the first campaign, here is your chance to get in on the best new comic series of 2022.

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This 128-page Trade Paperback published by Dark Horse Comics collects all of the DC Comics’ Garbage Man stories with new material added. This book is available through both Wraith of God campaigns as an add-on and comes signed by writer/artist Aaron Lopresti while supplies last. This is a must-read for monster fans and readers who wish to follow the continuing adventures of the muck- monster through the Empire Comics line.

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